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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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giving encouraging news. the other was viacom and disney. harolding what picked up in the economy. but news corp. is the one with the most promising results because i made it all possible. good night. ♪ >> bob: hello, i'm bob beckel with andrea tantaros, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: big story tonight, the santorum sweep. rick santorum winning in three states yesterday. colorado, minnesota, missouri. it looks like his strategy i is comparing romney to obama. >> they have the contracts to make barack obama the issue in the race and not our candidate who is in respects the big
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issues of the day, just where obama is. >> bob: i have been around presidential politics for 30 years. it woke this morning and when i heard this, this shocked me. i got to tell you, i was just taken aback. >> greg: then you walked home. >> bob: then i went home. i saw you on the way. andrea, who is hurt more here? mitt romney or gingrich? >> andrea: they both get hurt. because look, they were fighting over the conservative vote. santorum and gingrich. but i think it hurts romney more. because now he has to fight a three-headed monster. gingrich isn't going to get out of this. it will be santorum, gingrich and it will be president obama and the democrats that are already taking shots. the republican primary i think will look like david and goliath, where romney has the organization, he has the money but he is fighting david with the momentum. this is a vote against mitt romney. this was more against mitt romney. conservatives are not settled with him. the slingshot in the analogy is going to be newt gingrich.
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>> bob: there you go. interesting thought. you heard santorum what he said last night. what do you think about the message? >> dana: it's working. and surprising some people it's working because they had written -- they had not paid much attention to him now. wow, there are four people left and rick santorum is one of them. if you haven't decided yet, in fact, one of the people that works here stephanie took a quiz online because he is said she is independent, he is didn't know who he is wants to vote for. takes the quiz and she was surprised because it ended up that santorum was the person he is most identified with. i think that something we haven't talked a lot about in this campaign at all up to now is he is doing that is working for him, he is talking about obamacare a lot. it still remains the most unpopular piece of legislation and he is not afraid to take it on. even president obama is not talking about obamacare. santorum made it an issue. that is how i think he -- >> bob: and tough for romney to take it on. from the right field, righty,
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do you think the right will coalesce around santorum now? >> eric: i don't know. do this. i just got off the phone to rick santorum, spoke to him. i said are you going to ask newt gingrich to drop out the way he did after he beat you? he said no, i don't play that way. i am not going there. i said are you anti-romney? he said eric, i'm the anti-barack obama. that is a smart way to go. can i throw a conspiracy theory out here? >> bob: please. >> eric: i saw the weigh-in this morning and listened to the talking heads say my gosh, obama screwed up here. this is a great opening for conservatives and the right. it dawned on me -- >> bob: screwed up on what? >> eric: good point. going after the obamacare, making sure that catholics -- catholic employers provide sterilization. it dawned on me what if they were trying to derail the big romney train that won florida handily andness handily. how are you going to break up this train?
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how are we going to break the right up? they did. >> andrea: they want a fight. >> eric: right side -- >> andrea: they want this fight. i think they miscalculated this issue, but they, if the democrats could talk about social issues from now, gays, gods and guns until november, they want this. >> bob: somebody on the grassy knoll in dallas, too. it's not a crazy theory but it's hard for me to imagine you make it all fit. maybe, who knows? let me ask you this. this is an important question. pulse of the nation. greg -- wait, let me ask the question. are you now interested at all in presidential politics? >> greg: did we make a bet on this? that's what he was going to ask me if i care. you never read any of my stories, i actually read the stories. look, i don't want to count newt out. any of his ex-wives will tell you he is great on the rebound. even though santorum won three states, three states, are these really states? like when you go to the fair,
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you want to win the giant stuffed bear. he won three big combs. three. i want to make a point. talk about romney because everybody says romney is hurt. i feel bad for mitt romney. did you ever see the brady bunch episode where marcia is asked to the prom by the quarterback and breaks her nose and he dumps her because he doesn't want to take her to the prom because he is has a broken nose. who steps? charlie, her best friend and takes her to prom. he was there for her. mitt romney is charlie. the quarterback is obama. marcia is america. >> bob: greg, where all that -- your mind, where it goes, and how this stuff comes out is -- >> dana: i think most americans understood that. >> bob: i'm sure they did. >> greg: romney is sitting here watching everybody pick the other guy. he is going to be -- >> bob: now i get it. >> andrea: i like the carnival analogy.
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you can win all the small toys like santorum, even though romney has the big bear and the other goldfish toss, and all the other stadiums, people will be scared of rick santorum because he is winning little bears. >> bob: look at what santorum says. can we have the shot of what santorum said about mitt and newt, ice cream one? >> running against barack obama better than anybody else in the race right now. won in three primary contests and consolidating the conservative and tea party vote. people are tired of the negative back and forth between engler and romney -- between gingrich and romney and looking for systemone to do it against barack obama on the issue. >> bob: dana, who is that for a message? >> dana: the message is fine. fine to good. but the tone is excellent. he'he is not negative.
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the fundraising numbers for him that the campaign put out decent as you might expect in january. mira adams had a good point today. it comes down to five to seven states. who wins those is the one that matter. florida, north carolina, virginia, ohio, indiana, and nevada, with a 12.6 unemployment rate that romney just won. >> eric: the turn-out. >> bob: i got to try to -- no, please. go ahead. >> eric: i was going to say the turn-out was low. the concern for romney camp has to be he did substantially worse than he did four years ago. that has to be relevant. >> bob: what strikes me, you are right about this. but romney loses in colorado, where he put a lot of resources. they didn't put resources in minnesota, didn't put them in missouri. why, by way he didn't put them in missouri, half a million dollars of tv would have won that state. but leaving that aside, he has no argument about colorado.
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right? so you are right. it's got to say that romney has got a real substantive problem with the conservative base of the republican party. if you had no evidence of it before, it has to be now, right? >> dana: do you think -- there is also -- he is running for two races. they're not -- they're sequential, not consecutive. he is running them consecutive. i mean by that, he is running a general election campaign a long time he was praised for because she was taking on obama and not getting in the middle of the little fights but he hasn't sealed the deal for the nomination yet so it gets harder and harder to run a consecutive race when you should have -- that is what i predict. shakeup or a new hire on the romney campaign. >> andrea: the message is wrong, though, too. we looked at the santorum message calling him obama-lite. that makes sense when there are conservative skepticism there. but romney's message now out of the losses is rick santorum is an insider. >> eric: yes. >> andrea: it's not
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believable because he is not acting like an insider. anyone who has distaste for what is happening for washington doesn't seem like an insider. people peg romney as the insider. >> bob: that is exactly right. one thing, landscape of presidential politics is littered with front runners who decide to run a general election campaign too early. they inevitably get tripped up. >> greg: romney is assuming he is going all way and he hasn't bought any of the steak dinners. >> bob: right. did you ever win the softball toss of the milk cans? >> greg: never. it's all a hoax. doesn't work. >> bob: it's all rigged. that's what i thought. >> greg: you were the dunking clown, weren't you? >> bob: i was. >> eric: who started the show today? >> dana: bob. "a" block. >> eric: "a" block. >> bob: i'm going to -- >> andrea: no whining now, bob. >> bob: no whining. up next, that was painful, how will the obamacare mandate on contraception play in the 2012 election?
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♪ ♪ >> eric: so how much trouble is obama in for forcing pro-choice law down the throat of pro-life catholics? listen to senator rick santorum after he won all three contests last night. >> this is a very hostile president. to president with faith. a hostile president. not just to people with faith, but of all freedom. economic freedoms. he believes he is the smartest guy in the room. he should tell people what to believe and how to run their lives. that is what this election is about. >> eric: there it is. we'll talk about it again, but conservatives seem to be unifying i guess behind santorum, at least for now. >> andrea: look, i think the timing of this one worked out in santorum's favor.
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absolutely. i think that this is an issue that plays with all religions, look and say you know what? this administration is not sensitive to one's religious beliefs. why don't they just do a carve-out and let the religious institutions decide if they want to offer contraceptives or not. i know people are saying most catholics, they don't buy what the catholic church is saying. okay. let the leaders of the catholic church decide that. if you feel strongly about wanting and needing birth control, buy it on your own. >> eric: we just got this over the wire. i guess meeting with president obama. >> dana: retreat. >> eric: at a retreat. quoting obama -- quoting lautenburg who said, affirmed his views and sticking by what he said and said we should be careful to explain that an exception was knead for those that has religious objections. otherwise, contraception has to be supplied. sticking to the story. >> greg: what i love about this. the left continually cries
5:16 pm
poor can't afford the pills. that translates to stop the poor from reproducing because we hate the poor. it's class wa warfare. if they find something to rhyme with negative eugene ticks, the -- eugenics the left would cheer. i have a tortureed metaphor. a better one. the conservatives have to be wary of playing with this issue too much. i go to the supermarket to get milk. i come home with eight things are that are inevitable. mill sack the economy. we have to focus on the economy. not be distractioned by serious issues but issues that aren't going to get somebody new in the white house. >> dana: the economy is the republican mother's milk of the campaign. >> bob: that was brilliant. >> dana: poetic. i know. >> bob: it was. >> dana: but some democrats
5:17 pm
like governor kaine who is running for senator in virginia has come out against this, and senator manchin and lieberman as well. when you have that support drift away, and then you have the ground swell of support behind it, the archbishops aren't long when they read the law. the general councils aren't wrong. the spin from the white house has been less than appetizing to a lot of people. the religious freedom act was sponsored by ted kennedy and signed by president clinton. >> eric: take a listen to some of the liberal friends. here is how they see it. >> of course, it's not good for the democrats to go head-to-head against any church so we don't intend to do that. the caucus supports the president. i do. >> the republicans and house of representatives have been waging a war against women's health since the moment they came to power.
5:18 pm
>> this whole thing about the preventive amendment, is all about birth control is so exaggerated, so overblown, so out of contest with what we want to do, i'm just shocked. >> i've got a -- >> eric: let me ask you a question. >> bob: you read that and say he affirmed, what did he affirm? >> dana: the exemption. they're saying that the exemption they provided is enough. the reading of it to most people who know the law says it's not true. too narrow. not broad enough. if it was broad enough i think that archbishop dolan who didn't want to have this fight with president obama, they could have worked something else. just like when president obama promised him everything would be okay and it turns out it's certainly not. the language about the war on women is offensive. especially to those of us --
5:19 pm
you can support contraceptive but this is insult on religion. >> andrea: they tried to get the budget passed, they said it's war on women. pelosi has already come out to say he is believes birth control is stimulative because it's population control. the broader issue, bigger issue is liberals' intolerance of things. they believe it's better for government to decide what you should have. >> bob: can i say something? >> eric: yeah. >> bob: thank you. do we have a poll among catholic voters on this issue? among catholics now, asking whether they support president obama on this, 53-45. in favor of president obama. i wonder where the 70 million ground swell is we talked about yesterday. how much of this -- i understand the concerns from the churches a i understand what they are saying, but is this a voting issue? >> dana: absolutely.
5:20 pm
>> eric: find out. if this issue, if obama doesn't address it quickly -- >> dana: it's not about contraceptive. it's about the principles. >> bob: this says should catholic institution provide contraceptive health coverage. >> dana: it's provide and forcing them to. if they don't, make them pay a fine. notre dame cover 439 employees and if they didn't the fine is $10 million. >> andrea: catholic charities, 70,000 employees, fine is $140 million. >> bob: this should say should institutions who are fined millions if they don't provide contraceptive norm >> eric: be required to. >> dana: can we have a poll? we all have the poll -- >> eric: i have to go but
5:21 pm
i'll ask greg this. $25 for abortion at college in pennsylvania? >> greg: apparently this stuff is expensive. i'm going out of my way and willing to buy the pills. starting a program called adopt a leftist where i'll buy pills to keep a leftist from reproducing. i'm buy vasectomies at media matters. >> eric: are you saying the vending machines providing morning after pills should only be allowed in liberal colleges? >> greg: there you go. >> andrea: something tells me people at media matters aren't having a lot of sex anyway. >> greg: buy one, get another one free. >> eric: don't. you pay all this money for the kid to go to college to find out they are taught about the occupy movement. what is happening at one school. and greg will tell us about it next. plus, a chilling 911 call from murder and double suicide. josh powell killed his two boys and himself. there were calls for hel help. we play the 911 calls for you.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." roosevelt university in chicago is offering a course on occupy movement. professor jeff edwards and student visited pliable cnn to air brush the movement. i wonder if he thinks all analysts agree it changed discourse of american politics already and seems to be a movement with staying pow they're will be around for a long time and have impact. >> all analysts agree this
5:27 pm
changed the discourse of american politics already and seems to me it's a movement that will have staying power and will be around for a long time. has impact. it played out across the street from the campus. you thought it would be perfect for the students. >> greg: shocker. i could make jocks about the weapons to teach like how to turn burger king bag from toilet, but it's better to focus on the real joke, the one about to be played on america. people who teach history win. right now, there is an ego driven race to profit from the media lie that is occupy wall street. professors angle for books and bedmates. you need an accomplice and cnn was there. in the interview there were no mention of the 400-plus crimes committed at occupy wall street, which included rape. but they asked one question? >> on the record, is he is going to get an "a"?
5:28 pm
put you on the spot. >> leaning that way. >> that's good. you keep me posted. you let me know what happens. thanks, guys, so much. appreciate it. >> media shares the occupier believe that america is bad and the world owes you everything. in a year, you will see occupy movement. every actor whether it's michael cera or anne hathoway will die to star in it. the movement ignites the never ending narcissism of the left. if that doesn't make you want to throw up, you are probably one of them. >> eric: well done. >> greg: thank you. >> dana: i first saw that on sunday tom bevin of real clear politics said it would be funny if it weren't true. it's like a self-directed study. >> greg: can you expect an objective look at this? from a professor in love with the movement. he is.
5:29 pm
bob? you are staring at me. >> bob: i am absurding everything you said. they teach weirdest coaches on weirdest thing. isn't there one more of this in new york? >> greg: there is. it's not surprising they are teaching this because they share the same assumptions. >> andrea: we wonder why china is out-pacing us. they sit around wondering do we have enough engineers? we wonder if people know how poop in a burger king bag. >> eric: dangerous thing is they're doing dumb things, pooping on pop tarts. >> bob: you're in to -- >> eric: this happened. there were 400 violation of the law, including rape. but what if they were to coalesce and get the movement together to get a voice? they are a forced to be reckoned with. they have a lobbying group.
5:30 pm
>> dana: i think they have one. main stream media ignored it. the other thing about this if you look at the similar coverage of the tea party movement, the downfall of america, the ones to turn this country upside down and tear it apart and none of that has come true. the occupy movement is different. >> greg: we showed cnn covering occupy. let's show a classic event covering the tea party. >> okay. you are here with your 2-year-old and you are already in debt. why are you here today? >> i hear a president say he believes in what lincoln stood for. lincoln's primary thing was people had the right to liberty and had the right -- >> what does this have to do with taxes? do you realize that -- >> let me finish my point. >> greg: that is lovely. andrea, you notice any kind of difference in the way they treat one movement than
5:31 pm
another? >> andrea: it's pretty obvious. they should offer the contrast which is the tea party in this course. but if you want to spend $200,000 and go into debt to go to a university and learn things they are teaching in the class, do it. what i wonder if i took the class let's say and decided to occupy the class and i sat outside the class and didn't shower for a week and never went to the class, would i get an "a"? >> greg: you could occupy it without paying it. it's auditing. >> andrea: it would be free. >> bob: teaching on the tea party movement for some time now, right? they are discussing the tea party in schools. when you say it's an impact and you made fun of that. i don't want to supply anybody with polls in this. but this is fair to say since they started there has been a bigger number, a larmer number of people believing there is inequality in the -- income
5:32 pm
inequality. >> eric: there is. at the highest level in socialist countries, by way. nonetheless, you know you have to worry when lobbying street in k. street get doors knocked on by the lobbyist groups and then they start to talk to politicians. the democrats say we're not there because of the funny business going on in what they are doing. the bad stuff. if they clean up their act -- >> dana: bad thing to the movement is they were kicked out of the park. then the daily violence or the -- it was daily violence. when they were occupying in the 100 cities. that has been the best thing. their actual point of the income inequality is strengthened because they are not driving a crazy -- >> andrea: war on women. >> greg: can i make a point? they aren't, they are getting help getting the act cleaned up. the media is doing it for
5:33 pm
them. they're whitewashing this. there are so many crimes, bob. the fact is you can't question her on this, because you don't read statistics. i do. >> eric: you said -- >> bob: you said 400. freddie now probably 600. that was in december. we have to move on. occupy protesters will be at cpac. they vow according to some sources they will make a mess and attack the speakers. so i got you a gift. you will be there. >> andrea: right. >> greg: i got you incense. >> andrea: so nice. >> greg: peace offering. >> andrea: i'll turn in my shower gel at the end of the show. do you have birkenstocks i could borrow? >> bob: i'll be down there with them. >> andrea: you're there friday. susan, our producer is coming with me. bring it on occupy. >> bob: i see. >> greg: coming up, some studies says facebook can hurt your self-esteem and twitter
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i'm bret baier in washington. to top story here today is rick santorum's big surge in the republican presidential race. tonight on "special report," we will get reaction to santorum's three-state sweep in tuesday's contest. the senator won in three states, all nonbinding delegate wise. james rosen and mike emanuel will examine santorum's momentum now compared to the beginning of the race. wendell goler has the late development involving the president's tough situation
5:39 pm
with catholics, part of the healthcare overall requires many healthcare run institutions to provide contraceptive coverage for employees despite church prohibition. they call it assault on religious liberty and government overreach. there is some speculation tonight a compromise could be in the works. we'll show you more alarming amateur video from the crackdown in syria. leland vittert has that. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." a sad story that many of you have heard about. it's dominating the headlines. on sunday, josh powell killed himself and his two sons after being denied custody two days before by a social services institution. powell met with the social worker with his two boys. he had been denied custody two
5:40 pm
days before. leaving a social worker, he went to the house and the social worker precedeed to smell gasoline. he locks her out and he is made the hart wrenching 911 call. >> i'd like to pull out of the driveway because i smell gasoline and he won't let me in. how long will it be? >> andrea: moments lateer the house burst into flames. they say he had it planned for a while. 20 minutes before he blew up the house, he made a call to family members saying goodbye. the social worker is beside herself. if you are the social worker what could you have done to stop the situation? >> greg: in the phone call he is says it's life threatening and explains the reason why it's life threatening. if he knew that, why weren't
5:41 pm
there sheriffs with you? why weren't you armed? you don't go there -- if you knew in your head this guy could be a problem and you are going to his house -- >> andrea: he was ordered after denied custody to take psychoevaluation. freddie which every woman should have at home. >> greg: did he take -- >> bob: did he is take the kids in the house and leave? >> andrea: he is tried to follow them and he locked her out. he is couldn't get this the home. >> dana: kids were ahead. they were excited going to dad's house. the things that we ask as a society, that we ask social workers to do are amazing. they are stronger people than i am because i would be in tears every day at some of the things they have to deal with. she was doing her job, people at fault, it's law enforcement. it's the judiciary that should have not allowed them to go back. or should have sent them -- >> eric: can i throw something out there.
5:42 pm
when kids are involved, that phone rings and says get someone here. you get someone there. if they are not going to get there, he is could have gone next door and gotten help. >> dana: it would haven't mattered. >> andrea: you mentioned the murder case. josh's wife susan had been missing since 2009. we are talking about a person of interest. josh powell's father was in prison on child pornography charges. that is the only reason why josh was living with his father. they removed josh and the kids. the family has a checkered past. but they couldn't nail josh himself on anything until the moment before he blew up the house. >> eric: my niece is a social worker and has been for a number of years and it's frightingly difficult job. he is gets paid -- this girl has a master's degree and gets paid $23,000 a year to go to
5:43 pm
the most retched places. how were they supposed to know dangerous person. >> eric: he said it. he is involved -- what did he is say? >> andrea: this could be life threatening. he went to court on wednesday and didn't get the kids back. he is knows wait, this guy is crazy. we're ordering him to take a test. >> eric: why didn't he is kick the door down? >> andrea: i don't know, i could haven't kicked a door in. >> eric: two kids in there, i think i'd kick the door down. >> dana: we don't know how the house was rigged. if he is kicked it down he is could have triggered -- >> eric: children in there. >> dana: they should have never been allowed to go back to the house in the first place. >> eric: maybe -- >> bob: maybe you have nines nines computer system and they can say to respond automatically. >> andrea: you are denying a father custody, you don't let
5:44 pm
him have the kids for two days. this is the worst case, he blew up the house. a lot of fathers and parents skip town. they do drastic things. they are not thinking clearly. >> bob: isn't that somebody, somebody should have said you can't go? >> andrea: exactly. >> dana: this goes back to the mental health evaluation. >> eric: delivering children with a female social worker unarmed. crazy. >> dana: agreed. we all agree. >> andrea: wow. >> bob: sad story. >> andrea: very sad. all right, directly ahead, social media like facebook and twitter bad for you? some studies might surprise you. we have details next. ♪ ♪ what's withou?
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." are you addicted the social media?
5:49 pm
anybody at the table? i know so many people are doing social media there are studies funded so that professors have something to do. if you are on facebook all the time it could be bad for self-esteem. you know why? if you look at your friends' update and they have a boyfriend or wife that is hotter than yours or they got a promotion and you didn't, it makes you feel worse because you are not succeeding. digital keeping up with the joness. >> greg: i was thinking about my facebook which is a book of faces. no wonder i didn't understand what you were talking about. >> andrea: what is with the bullseyes? >> dana: we can make fun of it. i'll ask, because you two have teenage -- >> eric: i have a 13-year-old. >> dana: kids.
5:50 pm
they're probably on facebook. is there merit to this, it's bad for their feelings? >> eric: i am on facebook a lot. by the way, no one is hotter than my wife. i don't worry about that. >> andrea: good answer. >> eric: my son spends time on facebook and there is a new one that is more personal that you make your own website. i'm all right with it. if they keep it clean. but if something nasted is posted -- if you are a parent, make sure you are a friend with your kid so you can see what they are doing. >> bob: my daughter gets on facebook and sees her friends got a new cloths from such and such place. he is proceeds to take my credit card and order the stuff, right? he is got in trouble with me when i found out about it. it wonder how much pressure it was because her friends had all got this johnny somebody or other something. >> dana: you don't -- i don't do this a lot. but you don't post money date
5:51 pm
thing of your life or things that didn't go right for you that day. you post things that make it look like your life is great. >> andrea: i talk to a good friend of mine. they have a little girl at home. she is 2. they post pictures of the little girl when everything is going great. but not when she is terrorizing a restaurant or screaming. people aren't really your friends. my friends are the viewers. mine is a professional page for what i do. but really, if you get jealous over the fact that your friend has a better looking boyfriend and your friend is in hawaii. they're not really your friend, people. you're insecure. you should be happy for them. >> dana: there was a second study interesting, too, about twitter and tweeting and that the urge to tweet can be as strong as the urge to have a cigarette or to have a drink. >> greg: so not true. >> dana: it's not true? >> greg: alcohol and cigarettes are so much better. >> dana: can you imagine if tweeting is bad for you and it's addictive, the government taxation cannot be far behind. >> greg: of course. bloomberg will do it next year. here is the thing. easy to be addicted to
5:52 pm
something that is low effort. that's why, you know, it's -- no one is addicted to work. work is hard. but you can see people at work tweeting. >> andrea: our producer got in my ear and said bob is doing it right now. >> bob: i have been addicted to a lot of things. this is not one of them. if i did, i don't read these things but the last three i got. you look boring today. bob, you're dumb. bob, bleeping beckel. already. >> andrea: that will hurt your self-esteem. >> eric: it doesn't bother me. i get that all the time anyway. >> eric: you must get this. the liberal website and blogs that just comb your facebook and twitter waiting for you to say something they can take and blow out of proportion. and blow it up. >> bob: that has never happened to me. >> dana: some organizations are telling their employees stick -- like if you are a journalist stick to your beat. don't talk about anything
5:53 pm
else. then you have to ask yourself where do you draw the line between work and play? we work all the time, right? >> greg: when you start drinking, turn off the laptop. >> eric: great. >> bob: you have gotten in trouble with that, haven't you? >> greg: not me. >> dana: we'll talk abit in the break. we have to go. my favorite segment, one more thing is coming up next. ♪ ♪ @=h
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5:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> bob: i love that song. we're back. one more thing. >> eric: last night i said trouble for obama because obama girl wasn't sure she was going to vote for him. today, i interviewed obama girl. take a look. >> bob: busy boy today. >> eric: where along the lines did you become not so sure you are an obama supporter anymore? >> well, i think four years later, i don't know how many videos i've done, there hasn't been the hope and change we have been looking for. i'm not discrediting him but we all wish for something a little more.
5:58 pm
>> eric: hopey/changey not so good. obama girl says i'm not sure. >> bob: dana? >> dana: okay. if you choose to smoke it's okay. i have a weird thing in new york that there are cigarettes on the ground everywhere. i think it's litter. i'm walking behind a woman, on my way to the work-out thing and she is smoking. i try to get around because i don't like to smell it behind me. as i was about to pass her, he is threw her cigarette down on the ground, but he is had a tissue in her left hand and put that in a trash can. how do you explain that? >> greg: i was in a hurry and i was in drag. >> dana: bag was fabulous. >> bob: what do you have? >> greg: i -- >> dana: wait. doesn't anybody agree with me? >> bob: i agree. greg jack-in-the-box has a bacon milkshake. i got excite and i called
5:59 pm
them. i asked for one. they said my goodness, we're get something much response, so much response. i'm like you know "the five," we have a big audience i want a milkshake. give me the recipe. they said no so i'm boycotting jack-in-the-box which is easy because they are on the west coast. if you publicize something, follow through. you could put nut an icebox. send me the recipe. >> andrea: i am a huge howard stern's fan. today i went to howard's studios and did an interview request robin quivers who has a new show called the chatter on howard 100. great fun. i walked in the studio robin who i love looks at me and goes i love you, i love "the five." so we have a picture. tell producer to send it over. on tomorrow, 1:00 on howard 100. i love her.


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